Built in enormous Machine Learning Financial Data Intelligence

CreditNirvana: UnderWriteAi

UnderWriteAi uses built in enormous Machine learning Financial data intelligence of CreditNirvana platform and to provide lenders with nonlinear, dynamic models of credit under writing which radically outperform other approaches.

If you have no portfolio data, we have models based upon massive quantities of finance data intelligence we have built through covering everything from personal lending, corporate lending, home mortgage, automobile, peer to peer lending, Credit Cards, mobile data, social data, utility payments data , cash advances etc.

UnderWriteAi – Features

Featured Engineered Variable Set

Proprietary CreditNirvanaunique datavariable set which can form the significant variables for higher confidence outputs to create a set of dynamic machine learning models that can be applied to credit application data. The secret sauce of CreditNirvana:UnderWriteAi

Real time Prescriptive Outputs

CreditNirvana integrated platform creates and apply real time machine learning algorithms on a plethora of external and internal data sets and return a highly confident decision in real-time.

This enables the lenders to provide Risk based varied pricing mechanisms on new credit applications


Seamless integration with enterprise applications for faster , real time outputs

UnderWriteAi: Unique Value proposition using Data science

Proprietary Financial data intelligence and Profiling

CreditNirvana platform has developed proprietary very in depth financial data intelligence with respect to the patterns, trends, anomalies and behavioral economics profiling of customers across the demographic segments.

CreditNirvana platform uses this intelligence and have created very unique significant variables set with respect to the Credit Risk analysis.

Proprietary Feature created data variables for Underwriting

Using these unique significant variable set, CreditNirvana platform analyzes thousands of data points facilitating to accurately model credit risk for any consumer. By applying advances in Machine learning CreditNirvana Platform radically outperform traditional scorecards in both consumer and small business lending.

By building models using multiple techniques, on more than simple default, and focusing on such outcomes as profitability and customer lifetime value, we allow you to fully leverage artificial intelligence to increase your lending performance.

Proprietary Machine Learning models for Underwriting

Because CreditNirvana uses biologically based machine learning techniques applied to your own portfolio; we model the expertise of your Underwriters and the past performance of your loans to return an automated decision in milliseconds.

Using CreditNirvana:UnderWriteAi , your organization can leverage the latest advanced in Machine learning driven credit analytics without capital investment or build time.

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