PRESTO Model Builder - Speed up the Predictive modeling lifecycle

Model Builder gives you the power to translate your data into fact based decision making process. By precisely predicting the outcomes, you can increase the accuracy of your data-driven decision applications and substantially impact your top and bottom line. Request information

Feauters & Benefits

  • Machine learning
    Model Builder offers a solid breadth of algorithms that learn to recognize complex patterns within rich and massive data.
  • Complete modeling lifecycle
    Model Builder lets you rapidly explore data and build complete predictive models – including custom variable generations, optimized score weights, scoring exclusion logic and reason codes – and deploy them as a stand-alone scoring system or within business rules flows.
  • Big Data Analytics
    New sources of data – big, small, dispersed or centralized – and analytic techniques and technologies are helping companies find new insights and new business opportunities. Model Builder makes that data accessible and relevant.
  • Integration
    Model Builder integrates with popular analytical and computing platforms to take your existing tools to a whole new level. It enables the processing power of Hadoop, existing data models and code from SAS, SPSS or R.

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