PRESTO - Loyalty Management

Loyalty Management Solution is an end to end Loyalty Enabled solution which harnessing the power of Predictive Analytics. The solution has modules for Point Of Sale, Partner management; know your customer, RFM analysis, Micro and Macro segmentations, Customer loyalty value (CLTV) calculation and customized campaign design and execution. This solution aids continuous customer engagement form customer on boarding to campaign execution. Also the solution facilitates assessing the product affinities to generate customized offers and promotions on real time.

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Features and Benefits

Customer on Boarding

  • Customer on boarding process integrating customers into the loyalty program and enables the real Time On boarding at different channels
  • It collects all the information from customer touch point to customer evaluation, and completing the set up
  • Collecting the Customer Transaction details like Basket level, Item level within a basket, Price of items bought, Amount of discount availed on each purchase, Mode of settlement etc.
  • Assess the “earned” loyalty points and “redeemed” loyalty points
  • Customers can redeem redeemable points against services or products as defined in the loyalty program.

Partner Portal

  • This portal is for designing , managing and executing the loyalty program and campaigns
  • Solution includes a highly scalable, high performance transaction engine that supports batch and real-time processing of loyalty transactions and rules
  • It ensures that all accruals, redemptions, cancellations and tier changes are accurately processed and member balances updated accordingly to the customers loyalty card or the registration id
  • This module helps in defining and designing the rules for loyalty points and promotion.
  • It supports both coalitions, standalone loyalty programs. In standalone program, Points can be redeemed within the range of products offered by the program owner.
  • More than one partner can participate in Coalition program. Loyalty points can be redeemed within all the products offered by the participating partners.

Program Manager Portal

  • This portal helps to create new partner and updating the existing partner.
  • Enables the integration of the different partners and items under the each partner network to point of sale platform.
  • The partner can modify the informations like allocation of points, redemptions etc in this portal
  • This portal helps for activation, blocking, replacement and rebooking of loyalty cards

Analytics Portal

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) : This Module helps to understand “how well do I know my customers??”
  • RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) : Find out how recently the customers purchased, how frequently do they purchase and what are their profiles in terms of their monetary value.
  • Customer Segmentation :This facilitates in dividing customers into distinctive subsets of customers who have common behaviour attributes
  • Customer Loyalty Value: Facilitates statistical model based Customer Loyalty value (CLTV) calculation.
  • Campaign Management: Module facilitates the usage of predictive modeling in developing targeted loyalty based customer campaigns and customized promotions. Executing loyalty campaigns by identifying the right customers for a given offer as well as identify the right offers for a specific set of customers.

Customer Portal

  • Designed for Customers where they can check their transactions history, loyalty points earned and redeemed, order rewards (discounts, tickets, upgrades and others) and view current promotions
  • This facilitates in Real Time view of customers like customer profile, loyalty points earned through online and store shopping, redeemed points etc.
  • Set up personal contact preferences: channels and promotion types
  • This Portal helps to modify and review the following
      • Statements for earning & burning
      • Transaction History (storage period)
      • Profile Updation
      • Marketing Page to alert on on-going and upcoming campaign

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Sample Use Cases


A large convenience store retailer wanted to design and develop a loyalty program, based on the already existing customer base and small penetration into co-branded cards .The loyalty program is to form the basis for all customer centric marketing activities. Built analytics driven models for customer intelligence based on existing customer base for loyalty cards and implemented a predictive analytics driven marketing automation solution at enterprise level for customer centric marketing automation. The business benefit included 61% increase in annual revenue and 93% increase in customer retention. read more

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