Credit Nirvana-Cross selling/Up selling

Credit Nirvana is a Predictive analytics driven platform based solution that drives meaningful inferences from card data to arrive at right decisions for the different stake holders. It harnesses the extent of card data to derive inferences and execute targeted campaign. The card analytics solution has been designed with the intention of helping banking business users to execute decision making based on customer and product trends / patterns, with the help of descriptive and predictive analytics using the card transaction data.

  • Facilitates in executing predictive analytics driven credit/debit card Scoring.
  • Facilitates in executing decision making based on customer and product trends and patterns
  • Know Your Customer module helps to analyze across customer, product, purchase, and channel. This
  • Module helps to understand “how well do I know my customers??”
  • Propensity Module helps in analyzing the spend propensity across various merchant categories. The analysis takes into consideration of the Recency, frequency and monetary behaviour along with the seasonality of card spending.
  • Segmentation module helps to classify the customers in terms of spend propensity.
  • Campaign Management provides digital marketers the opportunity to deliver personalized content and so create dedicated experiences for visitors.
  • Integrated Data capture and Data management capabilities.
  • Solution facilitating customer data collection/identification every time customer encounters a new transaction.
  • Integrated mobile application for facilitating customized promotions

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Features and Benefits


This Module helps to understand “how well do I know my customers??

  • Card Holder’s profiling based on demography – Age ,income , gender , occupation , marital status, residential status etc.
  • Card Holder’s profiling based on geography –Nationality ,City ,Country ,Region
  • Card Usage patterns
  • Understand the card portfolio health
  • Analyze merchant category spend profiles.
  • Analyze purchase across various portfolios
  • Spending Trend Analysis

Find out propensity of how recently the customers purchased, how frequently do they purchase and what are their profiles in terms of their monetary value.

This facilitates in dividing customers into distinctive subsets of customers who have common needs/attributes/applications for the relevant goods and services. Behavioral, Geographical, Demographical or any other relevant attributes are used for statistical model building for creating distinctive segments.


The module help in executing marketing campaigns by facilitating the marketing manager to identify the right customers for a merchant category as well as identify the top merchant category offers for a specific set of customers, in a more scientific way. Based on the propensity for a specific merchant category, customers can be ranked and sorted. Customized promotions on a real-time basis are also possible, where the most attractive offer for a customer can be given at the point of engagement. The campaigns can be executed through any of the channels including such as e-mails or SMS.

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Sample Use Cases


A large convenience store retailer wanted to design and develop a loyalty program, based on the already existing customer base and small penetration into co-branded cards .The loyalty program is to form the basis for all customer centric marketing activities. Built analytics driven models for customer intelligence based on existing customer base for loyalty cards and implemented a predictive analytics driven marketing automation solution at enterprise level for customer centric marketing automation. The business benefit included 61% increase in annual revenue and 93% increase in customer retention. read more

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