Credit Nirvana-Application Scoring

Application Scoring Engine Solution is a Predictive analytics driven platform based solution that Provides application scoring for credit sanctioning. This Automated scoring engine which generates prioritized lists for quicker and accurate application processing

Improve process efficiency of application processing through the following:

  • Reduction in cost and time for Application Review
  • Minimization of Human Bias from Review process
  • Better quantification of Risk allows disbursement of more Loans to SME customers
  • Enables focus on reviewing High Risk Applicants more closely
  • Relative risk quantification allows Loan terms decisions as below-
  • Loan approval
  • Loan Pricing and terms of repayment
  • Collateral requirements

The solution provides business flexibility by incorporating pre-built models as well as custom built models

Solution Screenshots

Features and Benefits

  • Base scorecard profiling
    Profiling of SME applicants in terms of the Capacity, Character, Capital , Collaterals and Conditions. For retail customers the solution features a detailed applicant profiling using the existing scorecards.
  • Application Risk Model
    Based on the base score card profiling review default measurement. Assessment of all the application variables on its predictability of future default. The inbuilt application risk model is calibrated based on this.
  • Model equation generation
    The model generates an equation that is deployed as an automated algorithm for scoring all the prospects
  • Application scoring engine
    Implementation of application scoring model using an automated decision engine for generation of the list of suitable applicants for decision making
  • Application health reporting
    Classification of applicants into the respective risk buckets and profiling. The solution also features a model success measurement process which periodically evaluates the goodness of the models.

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Sample Use Cases


A large convenience store retailer wanted to design and develop a loyalty program, based on the already existing customer base and small penetration into co-branded cards .The loyalty program is to form the basis for all customer centric marketing activities. Built analytics driven models for customer intelligence based on existing customer base for loyalty cards and implemented a predictive analytics driven marketing automation solution at enterprise level for customer centric marketing automation. The business benefit included 61% increase in annual revenue and 93% increase in customer retention. read more

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