Why 3DCollectAi Platform

First of its kind-

  • Real time Predictive and Prescriptive analytics platform exclusively developed for Enterprise Financial data

Faster ROI –

  • Proven use cases of 3DCollectAi: DebtCollectAi enabling increased and quicker debt/AR collection and reduced collection costs within a very short span of time
  • Proven use cases of 3DCollectAi enabling reduced campaign costs within a short span of time

3DCollectAi: A Overview

Take Actions using Real Time Prescriptive Analytics using the power of Machine learning  Actionable Data Science platform exclusively developed using Financial data for data driven actions. 3DCollectAi platform provides highly scalable ability to build, train, test and deploy very precise and dynamic Machine learning algorithms using financial data facilitating enterprise to take Real time data driven actions.

3DcollectAi – Innovation

  • Real time Predictive and Prescriptive analytics platform exclusively developed for Enterprise Financial data
  • Automate the Predictive and Prescriptive analytics using the power of Machine learning
  • Trained, Tested and Proven algorithms for Debt Collection, Underwriting and Cross-sell/Up-Sell
  • Proven algorithms (with reputed organziations) using the minimum variable set ( without Transactional data, Bureau data )
  • Built in APIs to use Alternate Data ( optional )
  • Algorithms developed using, Proprietary developed, 2000 plus unique variable set
  • Faster ROI : Proven use cases of DebtCollectAi ( the Debt collection product) enabling increased and quicker debt/AR collection and reduced collection costs within short span of time
  • Faster ROI : Proven uses cases enabling increased credit card utilization and reduced campaign costs in short span of time
  • Easy and faster to to deploy and integrate with enterprise applications ( 5 to 7 weeks time)

3DCollectAi: Product Components

3DCollectAi: Product Features

Automated real time big data extraction engine

APIs for real time extraction of Alternate Data

Prebuilt Financial Data Models

Proprietary Feature creation engine

Automatic, real time creation Training & Test data for real time ML algorithm building

Proprietary scoring engine for providing the predictive and Prescriptive outputs

Prescriptive outputs automatically exported to relevant enterprise application for taking prescriptive actions

Why 3DCollectAi

One of the kind of unique product platform exclusively developed for Algorithmic driven Prescriptive Analytics of Financial Data

Unique platform for real time ML driven actionable outputs of your Financial data

Only automated platform exclusively developed for personalization outputs of Financial data.

Proprietary Feature creation engine

Inbuilt API for real time extraction of Alternate data

Only platform which provides dynamic ML driven personalized recommendation

Provides , real time Prescriptive intelligence intuitive dashboards

3DCollcectAi: Security Infrastructure

Data security and IT policies are built to satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive financial institutions.  Infrastructure is designed to provide the highest level of protection for your customers data.

Secure Cloud Or On-premises Management system

All data secured in highly secured Oracle cloud infrastructure with strict document retention. On premises deployments are done at clients secured infrastructure with prescribed security compliance

Data Security

Your customers’ information is stored in secure data centers that are ISO 27001 compliance procedures. All data is stored in masked form at rest and is masked in transit.

Monitoring and Logging

Our system’s security and performance is constantly monitored by an extensive network of surveillance systems. Changes to our infrastructure, software and data are monitored, logged and reviewed.

About StatAnalytics

We are a group of Data scientists each with more than 20 years of experience in Advanced analytics, Data science and Data Engineering in organizations like Accenture, Capgemini, HP, Morgan Stanley etc.

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