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PGPDM Program Curriculum

Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning(PGPDM)

Program Curriculum

The program offers a right blend of data science, technical and domain specific advanced analytics knowledge. The curriculum has been designed with multiple industry leaders to ensure that you learn exactly what the employers need.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Predictive modelling & Big Data Analytics

Machine learning and Deep learning

Artificial intelligence

Project Management

Course 1- Big Data Science
Start from the basics and understand the how to manage huge data sets. Equip yourself with data science tools like R and Python which will help you extract, transform and analyze data sets.
Course 2- Statistics and Prescriptive Analysis:
Learn how to explore data sets to formulate hypotheses and design experiments to verify those hypotheses. The course gives you an elaborate view of descriptive and inferential statistics.
Course 3- Machine Learning. (ML)
Understand the relevance and power of prediction across industry verticals. By the end of these two courses, you will have an actionable knowledge of different machine learning algorithms and their applications.
Course 4: Basic Analytics tools
Data Manipulation & Descriptive Analytics with Excel
Introduction to SQL
Course 5: Data Science with R
Descriptive and Inferential Statistics with R
Introduction and Data Manipulation with R
Data Preprocessing – Data Exploration & Data Preparation
Data Visualization with R
Course 6: Data Preparation
Basic SQL
Advanced SQL Business Intelligence
Course7:Using Python
Python: Data Manipulation, Data Exploration & Data Preparation, Predictive Modelling with Python
Course 8: Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
Overview of Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning
Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
Cluster Analysis
Decision Trees and Resampling Techniques
Ensemble Models, Boosting and Random Forest
Text Mining and NLP
Course 09: DL, AIand Tensor Flow
AI & DL, Tensor Flow
Tensor Flow and AI/DL case studies
Course 10: Data Visualization for Analytics
Exploratory Data Analysis and Relationship Visualization
Data Visualization using R and Tableau
Course 11: Creating ML/Ai platforms
ML/Ai Platform Architecture
Building AI Platforms
Course 12: Capstone Project
Capstone Project on specific domains
The progarmme provides opportunity to solve real-time business problems. The capstone project is a program requirement that’s designed to build this competency.

The students will be given access to Stat Analytics Data science lab during the project stage and work with experienced professionals in solving real business problems using Data science


On completion of the programme, the student shall be awarded with the certification of Prost graduate diploma in Data Science & Machine learning (PGPDM) by Stat Ai Academy

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