PADMcA is an end to end Marketing Automation solution harnessing the power of Predictive Analytics. Using Advanced Predictive analytics models, the solution enables execution of intelligent automated marketing campaigns.

The solution has modules for RFM analysis, Micro and Macro segmentations, Customer life time value (CLTV) calculation, Cross sell/Up sell and Customized campaign design and execution. Thus, this solution aids continuous customer engagement, resulting in increased customer loyalty and hence more sales. PADMcA incorporates the power of analytics engines to usable interfaces which allows quick deployment of statistical models.

Campaign Management Solution Architecture

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Features and Benefits

The Know your Customer module helps in understanding the customer behavior from three perspectives

  • Customer Analytics - Customer Demographic analysis
  • Product Analytics - Analysis of the product pickups and trends
  • Purchase Analysis - Analysis of the purchase trends, periodic as well as group behavior

Identify the combination of Recency, Frequency and Monetary groups to understand the purchase behavior from the perspective of how recent, how frequent and how much monetary value a customer brings in. This classification helps in effective targeting of customer groups like late adopters, premium base, less frequenters etc.

This facilitates in dividing customers into distinctive subsets of customers who have common needs/attributes/applications for the relevant goods and services. Behavioral, Geographical, Demographical or any other relevant attributes are used for statistical model building for creating distinctive segments.

Facilitates statistical model based Customer loyalty value (CLTV) calculation. It is a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer.


  • Cross Sell /Up Sell & Campaign Management Module facilitates the usage of predictive modeling in developing targeted customer campaigns and customized promotions.
  • Based on the propensity for a specific behavior the solution identifies the likelihood of a customer accepting an offer for Product A, given that the customer has already purchased Product B.
  • The Cross Sell/Up Sell module analyses these purchase propensities between the products and facilitates generation of a targeted list of customers from the available customer base for specific cross selling/ up selling campaigns.
  • The module also help in executing marketing campaigns by facilitating the marketing manager to identify the right customers for a given offer as well as identify the right offers for a specific set of customers, in a more scientific way, through "Get Best Offer", "Select Best Product" etc.
  • Customized promotions on a real-time basis are also possible, where the most attractive offer for a customer can be given at the point of engagement. The campaigns can be executed through any of the channels including such as e-mails or SMS.

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Sample Use Cases


A large convenience store retailer wanted to design and develop a loyalty program, based on the already existing customer base and small penetration into co-branded cards .The loyalty program is to form the basis for all customer centric marketing activities. Built analytics driven models for customer intelligence based on existing customer base for loyalty cards and implemented a predictive analytics driven marketing automation solution at enterprise level for customer centric marketing automation. The business benefit included 61% increase in annual revenue and 93% increase in customer retention. read more

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