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Financial Industry

Automate your collections through Machine Learning

Diverse Financial Credit portfolios require elaborate segmentation and placement strategies. To address your unique needs; it’s time you work with a solution that goes beyond the call-center model.

CreditNirvan provides data driven and dynamically adaptive collection process that increase penetration and recovery rates. Our system guarantees enormous cost reduction in the collection process.



Intelligent Profiling

CreditNirvanas data driven platform dynamically segment your borrowers and suggests the best fit collection programme for each. Improve your bottom line by increasing the number of accounts you collect from and the overall balance you recoup. Save enormously by increasing the efficiency of the collection methods. Use Creditnirvanad as your collection strategy and improve returns by 50% and more.



Creditniravan platform learns from customer behavior and creates a customized collection experience for every account. It learns from borrower behavior and from historical data from similar issuers. The more banks we work with, the better our system gets.

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