Financial Analytics & Risk Management

The global banking industry faces a slew of changes across functions in recent times. With regulations and compliance being the order of the day, banking industry today needs efficiency in all functions. Banks need to scrutinize current strategies, re-evaluate business models and invest in building efficiencies in systems and processes.

Stat Decision Labs has a deep understanding of the banking industry and has analytical offerings to support financial institutions with a decision support system that works.

We help you manage risk with our comprehensive Risk Analytics Solutions. We help categorize your customers according to their characteristics and behavior, so you can mitigate risk and reduce total losses.


  • Years of experience in Risk Management
  • Analyzing the solution requirements across industry
  • Best practices

Sample Use Cases


For a large bank in US, developed a behavioral score for early identification of the customers with high risk of default using decision tree. The predicted high risk customers were targeted using special collections team. read more


For a large Auto Finance company in US, developed an application scorecard to identify the prospective risky customers at the application stag using the historical pre payment trends and forecasted prepayment behavior using ARIMA model. The predicted prepayment curve was used for the mortgage pricing calculations.
read more


For a Mortgage Banker in US, developed the financial models for predicting Servicer Advance Requirements which is due to the Trust or whole loan owner through expected portfolio cash flow performance. The predicted results were submitted to the bank for Advance Funding. read more

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