Enterprise Data Management

Stat Decision Labs provides an integrated environment of solutions, tools, methodologies and workflows that enables organizations to manage big data as a valued asset, driving both core operational processes and strategic decision making. With these data management capabilities, organizations can make full use of all incoming data to uncover hidden insights and increase competitive edge.

Data Management Services are an on-demand style solution that enables organizations to retain market differentiation with an industrial operational model for common processing services, whilst providing:

  • Lower the cost-per-transaction through greater standardization and harmonization across every instrument type throughout their transaction lifecycle.
  • Risk management by integrating active alerting and exception management to boost transaction processing efficiency and risk control.
  • Increased trade visibility through real-time dashboards and reporting capabilities ensuring unparalleled visibility into all aspects of the Utility’s processing.
  • Improved customer service through the timely delivery of accurate data in the format required through an advanced customer self service system, ensuring service level agreements are monitored in real-time.
  • Cost-effective, flexible back office processing venue – delivering exception-based processing, auto enrichment of SSI’s, escalation and alerts, automated confirmations, confirmation matching, order/trade matching, real-time settlement status and position management.
  • Lowered ongoing operational costs - utility services include test environment systems, high availability production systems that limit downtime and full Disaster Recovery based on the highest industry standards.
  • Enhanced accuracy and timeliness of fees and invoicing processes for all participants, as daily trades can be passed to the utility for processing with any disputed transactions managed and resolved through a collaborative online tool.

Sample Use Cases


A large gaming company wanted to Implement the Marketing Analytics Suite to the gaming services to enable improved capture and organization of customer information and to improve the gaming experience. The key features of the solution were real time promotion, capability to use prebuilt models, and the ability to build new predictive models on the customer and campaign data. The business befit included 61% increase in annual revenue and 93% increase in customer retention. read more