ML Driven Personalized Debt Collection

DebtCollectAi – Features

Data Driven Debt Collection Platform

API integration for real time extraction of Lenders data API s for extracting real time Alternate data (Optional)

Algorithmic Driven Personalized Debt Collection Platform

Real time Algorithmic driven Personalized collection recommendation Real time Behavioral collection score of each customer Real time Behavioral collection profiling of customers

Automated Personalized Collection Execution

End to end real time automated process for Personalized debt collection Real time automated dashboards on collection intelligence

DebtCollectAi: Benefits

Automated Cutomer Intelligence

Automated Platform for real time customer Intelligence

ML Driven Profiling of Customers

Real time ML driven profiling of Customers

ML driven Payment Scoring of Customers

Real time ML driven payment scoring of each customer

ML Driven Personalized Collection Recommendation

ML driven personalized recommendation for follow up Debt collection actions

ML Driven Personalized CrossSell Recommendation

ML driven personalized recommendation for personalized CrossSell/UpSell

Cloud Based, Real Time Intelligence

Cloud based, automated platform facilitating Preemptive, real time intelligence of your portfolio.

DebtCollectAi: Product Differentiation

Default Scoring Using Enterprise, Alternate and Public Data

Proven proprietary algorithms built by Data scientist & domain expert with more than 20 years of experience. Algorithms built without using the Expensive Bureau data

Automates the Customer Score and Customer Profiling

The platform automates Borrower behavioral score, Borrower profiling and best fit follow up actions.

Automate and Personlized Follow up Actions

Digitally Automates the complete process of collection follow up.

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