ML Driven Personalized Debt Collection
The only collections platform powered by machine learning delivering digital-first consumer experiences.

StatAnalytic’s Patent Pending decision engine uses machine learning to create personalized, digital first, consumer experiences that are uniquely tailored for each consumer. StatAnalytics platform uses a state machine to create a complex interaction model with a consumer, and a clustering engine to compare the consumer to more than 1.5 million consumers who passed through our platform. Based on those 100’s of millions of data points, it predicts the consumer’s reaction to communication frequency, timing, channel, and content.

StatAnalytic’s decision engine then selects from hundreds of internally generated and legally pre-approved messages that drive consumer engagement via omni-channel delivery. Once delivered, it tracks real time events from the consumer – email opens, link clicks, browsing pattern on StatAnalytics assets and interaction with our call center – to decide what its next step should be.

StatAnalytic’s Compliance Firewall enforces compliance rules on contact timing, frequency, and included disclosures. The Compliance Firewall allows easy implementation of new rules at scale, as State-level rules may vary, and keeps a detailed event log for audit purposes.

CreditNirvana – Features

Behavioral analytics

Code-driven Compliance

Digital-first communications

Real-time personalization


Account dashboard

Audit trail


Rest API

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We are a group of Data scientists each with more than 20 years of experience in Advanced analytics, Data science and Data Engineering in organizations like Accenture, Capgemini, HP, Morgan Stanley etc.

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