Community Development

  • We are grateful to this nature and we express our gratitude by actively participating in various community development programs for the needy.
  • Participating in Community development programs is an essential ingredient of Stat Decision Labs Culture. All our top management is committed to spend certain amount of time and effort for the development of various community activities.
  • Unlike usual Corporate Responsibility programs where the Corporate provide mostly financial assistance to the NGO’s , Culture at Stat Decision Labs is to be a part of solution building by actively participating in various Community development programs
  • One of the recent such community development programs for which Stat Decision Labs Employees has contributed recently is Stat Organics Its objective is to provide a substantial increase in agricultural production through organic farming and other self-sustainable programs and improvement in basic services, which would ultimately lead to a transformation in the social and economic life of the village.

All Stat Decision Labs employees contributes to this venture in one way or other, be it be preparing the corporate presentation , preparing the teaching curriculum etc and also contributing by financial assistance to various DKP sponsored programs like Slum Development.

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