Big Data Management

Stat Decision Labs combines strong technical knowledge and sound business understanding to manage Big Data. The combination of the above two enables Stat Decision Labs to provide optimal business solutions that leverage today’s emerging IT trend of very large and diverse data bases to cater to the challenge of more comprehensive data based decision making business processes.

Big Data Technology Overview

  • Stat Decision Labs solutions feature Hadoop based data management technology that leverages:
  • Hadoop compatible data stores
  • Hive based data management and querying features
  • Integrated “R” based analysis

Big Data - Solution Architecture


Stat Decision Labs’ Approach to Big data

  • Stat Decision Labs developed a comprehensive big data analytics solution including 6 modules
  • Data Capture and collection
  • ETL using elastic map reduction
  • A very large and dynamic Hive repository
  • Modeling workbench using ‘R’ Analytics Engine
  • Metadata repository on SQL server
  • Presentation layer including data querying and dashboard.