ML Driven Efficient Account Receivable Management

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ARcollectAi- Features

ML Driven Efficient Account Receivable Management

ARCollectAihelps extract key data including historical data (open, closed, disputed invoices; collector logs and customer loyalty) and external data (alternate data, customer credit ratings and interest rates etc) and give key insights on all possible credit and AR prediction scenarios including use-cases such as invoice payment dates, validation of deductions and prediction of potential customer default.

Power of Alternate Data

Use power of alternate data (Enterprise data, social data, mobile data, Government data etc) for automated, Predictive and Prescriptive driven AR management

Automated AR Management Process

Automated AR Management process using the power of Machine learning and big Data engineering

ARcollectAi: Benefits

Predictive AR Management

Pre-emptively, Predicting likely late payments before the invoice due date, as well as identifying the root causes of late payments. This can go a long way in enabling organizations to plan their operations more effectively.

Prescriptive and Personalized AR Collection Process

Prescribing the personal messaging content, channels and timing to reach out the customer well in advance

Targeted, faster AR Collection process

Reducing time taken to process disputes, for example cutting dong the time taken to retrieve proof of delivery, claim documents, and other backup from siloed systems.

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