• Frost & Sullivan has selected our PRESTO product as one of the emerging FinTech products.

  • How did commercial bank of Dubai can increase the Cross selling and Up selling of their Card products by 18.00% in 12 months using our Prest-Credit Nirvana and Presto-Campaign Management Products.

  • How could Arab Bank increased the collection & recovery of their Auto loan portfolio by 11.00% in one year period by using our PRESTO-Credit-Nirvana product.

  • How Northern Insurance identifies the potential fraudulent claims and thus substantially reduce the claims cost? Stat Decision Labs' Risk Management solutions can assist in identifying the potential frauds using the Pre built Predictive Analytics Models.

  • Presto-Credit Nirvana

    PRESTO-Credit Nirvana, assist you quickly, easily and cost effectively deploy and scale cloud-based and on-premise Big data analytic solutions for real-time decision management. It enhances organizations ability to infuse precision and speed into your decision making processes..

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  • Credit Nirvana-Apllication Scoring

    Application Scoring Engine Solution is a Predictive analytics driven platform based solution that Provides application scoring for credit sanctioning. This Automated scoring engine which generates prioritized lists for quicker and accurate application processing.

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  • Credit Nirvana-Cross Selling/Up Selling

    Credit Nirvana is a Predictive analytics driven platform based solution that drives meaningful inferences from card data to arrive at right decisions for the different stake holders. It harnesses the extent of card data to derive inferences and execute targeted campaign.

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  • Deliquency Prediction & Collection Automation

    Deliquency Prediction & Collection Automation is an award winning , end to end Predictive Analytics Driven Delinquency prediction and collection Automation product. Using Advanced machine learning algorithms, and big data extraction engine, the product completely automates the complte Delinquency management

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