Achieve up to 30% increase in collection, Reduce 40% in collection Costs, Increase up to 60% in Cross selling/Up-selling using Alternate Data, Behavioral Economics and Targeted Communication


ML Driven Personaliztion

Automated Collection Processing Engine

Automate your collections recovery process through Machine learning. Credit Nirvana facilitates to try machine learning on your loan portfolio to increase your loan recovery more than 25% and to reduce collection costs more than 40%

Automated Fraud Detection Engine

FraudSimple Machine learning and NLP driven Fraud scoring product using the power of alternate data (Enterprise data, social data, mobile data, Government data etc).

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Facilitates real time data driven score and profiling of a borrower’s likelihood of going further into delinquency. Provides the Behavioral Default Risk score of each borrower, Provides Default profiling of each borrower ( Very High Risk, High Risk, Medium Risk, Low Risk ). Suggest the best right debt collection follow up actions to be taken for each borrower. Digitally automates and personalize the debt collection follow up actions.

Why DebtCollectAi

DebtCollectAi is a ready to deploy ML Driven collection platform which benefits our clients in multiple ways, such as:-

Imporved and Cost Effective Debt Recovery

Collect and recover more by focusing teams and agencies on the right accounts. Automatically allocate collection resources to accounts most likely to pay, instead of spending time on self-cures or accounts with low expected collection amounts.

Personalized Collection Process and Improved Consumer Relations

Automated and Personalized follow up actions based on profile of each borrower. Improved customer relationship and retention.

More Accurate Provisioning

By using predictive models using alternate data, the lender can make provisioning assessment faster and more accurately

Superior Borrower Profiling

Gain insight and continuous improvement: Learn from performance data to enhance strategies and increase collection results.

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